Core Beacons

Core Beacons is a free developer tool for iOS. It lists the advertisements of Bluetooth LE devices in range, as provided to applications by the CoreBluetooth API of iOS. Core Beacons lets you explore your “Bluetooth environment”, and shows how your iOS device presents this environment to applications.

Core Beacons shows general CoreBluetooth information and if advertised by a device, service, and manufacturer-specific data. Detailed parsing support is available for:

Core Beacons may be of most use when working with “beacon“ type BLE devices, but it will also happily show your neighbor’s smart tv… ;)

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Please Note: ‘Interval’ shows the time interval between the two last advertisements as handed over by CoreBluetooth to Core Beacons. This may be different than the advertisement interval of the peripheral, for several reasons.

Known Limitations

Functionality and performance are limited by the iOS Bluetooth API, CoreBluetooth. It’s a rather weird API:


Feedback is welcome. Please send bug reports, questions, feature requests, etc. to: corebeacons0x40fluthaus0x2Ecom *

*) 0x40 = ‘@’, 0x2E = ‘.’


Core Beacons stores names you associate with device identifiers inside its preferences. No other data about beacons or anything else is collected or stored, and no data is transmitted anywhere (Core Beacons does not contain any network code).

PLEASE NOTE: Eddystone URLs are opened in the iOS web browser. The targeted web service may learn that you were in the range of a specific beacon, and apply its own privacy policy to this fact and the data transmitted by the web browser.

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